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       I made procrastination my topic of the week because it is one of the worst vices that anybody should ever find his or herself fighting with. For a very long time, the words 'I would do it' were my best friends. I have always wanted to create a platform where i would air my views and basically perform my duty as a mass communicator to inform members of the society about everything, just in a less complicated way from the everyday news style. But too many things held me back from starting. 

My future and how much of a success I want to become has been weighing really heavy on my heart lately and that was the major drive to setting up Lamire..com. 

If you have an idea, no matter how small, my advice to you is 'START NOW!' because guess what? there are so many other people who are thinking about doing the exact same thing. Why not beat them to it? I have noticed that Bosses or CEOs are saddled with the responsibility of making daily decisions that would either make or mar their organisation. Now see yourself as a boss and your idea as organisation, what would you do today that would either grow your organisation (idea) or kill it? Think like a BOSS always. 

So I stumbled on this quote yesterday and decided to talk about it. This, in my opinion should be everybody’s daily mantra because it assures you that people would always talk, but it is up to you to either wave their words off or let it get to you.

Do not let anybody’s negativity stop you from pursuing your dreams or living your life because if you do you wouldn’t be able to live life, you’d only be alive.

Over time I have learned to not give a damn about what people think of me or what I do as far as what I’m doing is not bad. Do not make your life choices considering what other people might be thinking because not everybody’s opinion should count in your life.

Words are one of the world’s most powerful weapons and should be used majorly to lift people up and not tear them apart. Do you know how much hurt you can cause someone by just getting into their head with your words? If a person’s words were geared towards developing you, you’d perceive it in the person’s tone and manner of delivery. If you think you’re glam, then don’t give a damn about what anyone else thinks.

DON’T let anyone make you feel less than what you are. Believe in yourself first and people would believe in you. If you feel the need to advice, correct or tell someone your opinion about something, choose words that wouldn’t hurt. Also choose words that you’d also like to hear if you were on the receiving end.

Remember, only care about a statement that you think is true and beneficial, every other thing is a what? WASTE!

Ikeja Lagos